Lightelligence is our core technology platform, which provides a robust array of advanced capabilities that keep critical solutions open, connected, and scalable — and easier to use, manage, and evolve. Solutions with Lightelligence at their core — including our SiteWorx solution — can be installed quickly and easily, and start immediately delivering meaningful data and actionable insights right out of the box.

Many IIoT or “Industry 4.0” solutions that claim to improve processes and deliver results just complicate the challenge by delivering a disorganized collection of hardware, software, networking, and more. Even with heavy IT assistance, these solutions are difficult to integrate and install, as well as maintain and expand (often via customized application development). As a result, they can end up unused or underused.

We developed our innovative Lightelligence technology platform to address these issues and more — and to deliver new value to our customers.

A Full Set of Capabilities

Here’s how Lightelligence simplifies and automates all key stages of operation — from initial set-up to ongoing upgrades.