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SiteWorx Application Enhancements – June 2021

Jun 28, 2021  |  Share

Digital Lumens is announcing new functionality for the SiteWorx Facility Insights Application Suite – SiteWorx Sense Manual Load Control.

This new feature gives users the ability to manually override a load automatically configured for Occupancy-based Load Control.

Occupancy-based load control allows users to utilize occupancy triggers from intelligent LED Luminaires and intelligent lighting controls to turn on or off equipment or utility services to equipment.

This new feature will enable users to manually turn on or off a load via SiteWorx Sense-compatible smart relay devices such as the SWN-CRD Smart Cord and SWN-WIO Wireless Input/Output module.

Giving SiteWorx users greater control over their relay devices, users can utilize Manual Load Control to override a designated on or off state when needed to have that equipment function independently of occupancy events.

With a simple click in the SiteWorx web or mobile application, users now have even more capability and control over their equipment and operations.

Manual Load Control is now available as part of the SiteWorx Sense application. All new and existing customers will receive this added functionality as part of their SiteWorx Sense subscription.