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Digital Lumens Push Button Coupler


Smart Push-Button Coupler

The  SDN-PBC is a native wireless, intelligent, user-configurable push-button device which can be installed behind any standard available push-button switch.

The Wireless Push Button coupler provides familiar push-button control for up to four switches and provides them direct communication to the SiteWorx Facility Insights platform.


  • For both new and existing installations using any standard available push buttons of preferred brand, shape, and color
  • Line powered for easy installation using existing wiring
  • Wireless communication for plug-and-play installation
  • Includes vacancy, bi-level dimming, manual On/Off, automatic full off, and scene controls when used with SiteWorx Tune advanced lighting control application
  • Incorporates Lightelligence®, the Digital Lumens core technology that ensures openness, connectivity, scalability, and security


SDN-PBC Push-Button Coupler Specification Sheet



SDN-PBC Push Button Coupler Installation Instructions


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