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SiteWorx Tune is DLC Listed

Apr 29, 2022  |  Share

Digital Lumens, Inc. announced today that SiteWorx™ Tune, part of the SiteWorx Facility Insights application suite, is now Design Lights Consortium (DLC) listed to meet the requirements of the Qualified Product List (QPL) for Network Lighting Controls (NLC).

SiteWorx Tune is an intelligent lighting control application that uses smart sensors and advanced cloud-based software to maximize energy savings, improve productivity, and maintain safe, comfortable light levels.

SiteWorx Tune brings new control and savings to an array of lighting infrastructures. Facility managers stay informed of energy use from the SiteWorx Savings dashboard that displays real-time and long-term energy usage and savings data. This data lets you validate savings for utility rebates and helps meet and report on corporate sustainability goals.

SiteWorx Tune lets users customize and apply industry-leading lighting control strategies to their facility, including:

Task Tuning — Customize and manage precise lighting parameters on individual fixtures or groups of fixtures easily and remotely.

Daylight Harvesting — Leverage your facility’s natural lighting by dimming luminaires when they automatically sense natural daylight — all while maintaining consistent light levels.

Scheduled and Automatic Setback — Raise energy savings even higher by applying a second dimming level to groups of luminaires on a simple schedule or when they don’t sense occupancy.

Coordinated Control — Maximize safety and security for workers and create flexibility in lighting control by grouping fixtures together to work in unison based on a single occupancy trigger.

The Qualified Product List (QPL) for Network Lighting Controls (NLC) categories met include Networking, Occupancy Sensing, Daylight Harvesting, High-End Trim, Zoning, Individual Luminaire Addressability, Continuous Dimming, Scheduling, Energy Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics, Luminaire Level Lighting Control (LLLC), Personal Control, External Systems Integration, Emergency Lighting, Cybersecurity, and more.

Visit the Design Lights Consortium website to learn more.