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Your Facility is Talking. Are You Listening?

What you don’t know about your facility can hurt you. Unmonitored activity can lead to emergency repairs, wasted resources, unplanned downtime, and injury. You can avoid these expensive

Bring Facility Wellness to your business.

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What is Facility Wellness?

Facility Wellness means your facility operates at peak efficiency—every shift, every day. It empowers you with real-time critical data gathered from your facility so you can know more, and do more. It boosts performance, cuts costs, and keeps your facility safe and sustainable. It can stop problems before they happen. No surprises.

Why Facility Wellness

Why would one say anything about Facility Wellness here?

Our SiteWorx solution is built on infrastructure you already have

SiteWorx utilizes your facility’s lighting – so it’s low-cost, easy to expand, and requires minimal IT support. Advanced sensors placed at key junctures gather important data. SiteWorx installs quickly and easily to deliver valuable data right out of the box. It works on phone, tablet, and desktop.

What can I monitor with SiteWorx?

Almost anything related to your facility’s environment, utilities, equipment usuage and occupancy. Don’t see a monitoring category here? We can work with you to make it happen.



Keeping your team safe and equipment running.

Air quality

Monitor air quality to protect employees . Turn
ventilators on and off as needed, automatically.

Temperature & Humidity

Stay alert to potential problems. High temperatures put people and machines at risk. And unchecked humidity weakens infrastructure.

Decibel Levels

Monitoring sound output (dBs) keeps your work
environments within safety standards.


Spikes in building vibration can lead to costly breakdowns and quality control issues.



Using equipment to maximum efficiency.

Resource Consumption

Rising costs demand careful control of electricity, water, gas, and other resources.


Smarter management of valuable resources creates a more sustainable facility.

Assessing Equipment

Machinery using more resources than similar equipment probably has a leak, a crack, or other issue.

Are you listening?

Here’s just a sampling of the impressive results clients get with SiteWorx.

Your building is talking. Listen.

SiteWorx allows you to monitor your entire facility to keep
people, equipment, and materials working in harmony.

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Proven to Work

Check out how SiteWorx has helped other organizations save money and protect employees with Facility Wellness.

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