Schneider Electric Logistics and Distribution Center Saves 85% in Annual Lighting Energy Costs


Customer: Schneider Electric
Lighting-Related Energy Savings: 85%
Location: Hungary
Environment: Logistics and Distribution Center
Facility Size: 9,870 m2
Solution: DLE Intelligent LED luminaires and intelligent lighting control

As a part of Schneider Electric, a global energy management and automation company, the facility management team at the Schneider Ceelog logistics and distribution center in Hungary knew they needed a more efficient lighting solution. At the time, Schneider Ceelog was lighting their 9,870 m2 facility with HID 400W and fluorescent 2x58W luminaires which were highly inefficient, yielded poor lighting conditions, and required frequent maintenance which interfered with productivity. The Schneider Ceelog facility management team sought out a high-quality lighting solution that would increase energy savings, improve lighting quality, and require less maintenance than their current system.

Why Digital Lumens?

Digital Lumens’ intelligent LED luminaires and intelligent lighting control software align perfectly with Schneider’s main objective of digitally transforming energy management throughout their facilities. Because the intelligent LED luminaires are sensor-driven, they can drive lighting-related energy savings through occupancy-level settings. Additional savings are possible when Digital Lumens’ intelligent lighting control software is used along with the intelligent LED luminaires to customize lighting settings based on the facility area, time of day, and more.

The Results

In four phases across the whole facility, Schneider Ceelog was retrofitted with DLE-18-W and DLE-24-W luminaires with intelligent lighting control software. Through completion of three phases, Schneider Ceelog achieved 85% in energy savings compared to their previous lighting system.

With Digital Lumens’ intelligent lighting control, the Schneider Ceelog team was able to deploy advanced lighting strategies such as task tuning, progressive dimming, and daylight harvesting throughout the facility. Progressive dimming and lighting settings were adapted for different parts of the facility, such as warehouse areas, which are active for shorter spans of time and have faster dimming compared to the assembling and shipping areas, which require longer active times and ramp down times.

Schneider Ceelog also created new value through daylight harvesting, as it achieved 30.8% in energy savings alone. In the summertime, the facility can reach 50% in energy savings from daylight harvesting.

On top of the increase in energy savings and efficiency, the Digital Lumens lighting retrofit also helped Schneider Ceelog to lower their maintenance costs. The DLE intelligent LED luminaires are designed to thrive in the most demanding customer environments and saved Schneider Ceelog 8000€ on annual maintenance expenses.

Beyond the Numbers

In addition to the quantitative energy and maintenance savings, Schneider Ceelog also benefited from qualitative improvements after the installation of the intelligent LED luminaires and lighting controls:

  1. Through the installation of the DLE luminaires, Schneider Ceelog can easily instrument the facility for the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and additional IIoT applications such as utility and environmental monitoring, power metering, threshold–based alerting, and more.
  2. Improved employee safety and comfort thanks to the customizable settings across various workspaces and task-based lighting levels.
  3. Reports generated by the lighting system provide detailed information about foot traffic and occupancy trends throughout the building which informs any changes that need to be made to lighting settings.