A Health & Beauty Fulfillment Center Gets a Lighting Makeover


Customer: An international health and beauty distribution company

Goal: Implement a new lighting management system that enables:

  • Proper and timely illumination for the facility
  • Improved safety and security
  • Ease of use
  • Data tracking to inform lighting adjustments and increase energy savings

Digital Lumens Partner: US Facilities Lighting

Solution: SiteWorx Tune application


  • Achieved 73% in annual lighting energy savings and over $7,500 in maintenance cost savings
  • Insights on lighting usage and occupancy data enable refined lighting settings
  • An intuitive tool to deploy daylight harvesting, progressive dimming, and automatic shut-off

An international health and beauty distribution company needed a new lighting management system for one of its American fulfillment centers.

The 257,344 square foot fulfillment center could not operate efficiently with fluorescent 8-lamp T5 luminaires as their lighting solution.

With a $39,000 incentive in hand, the distributor selected Digital Lumens’ lighting management system because it met all of their criteria and would give facility-wide visibility into occupancy trends and lighting energy usage. With a combination of CLE intelligent luminaires and SiteWorx Tune lighting control application, the international health and beauty distributor achieved 73% in annual lighting energy savings and saved over $7,500 in maintenance costs.

SiteWorx Tune allows users to view and compare real-time and historical lighting-related energy usage, and deploy advanced lighting control functions like progressive dimming, automatic shut-off, daylight harvesting, and more to increase lighting-related energy savings. Occupancy patterns are tracked within SiteWorx Tune which helps facility managers to enable lighting only when and where it is needed.

Digital Lumens helped this fulfillment center to gain more control of their light settings so they could realize significant energy savings without compromising safety standards.

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