Gelson’s Chooses Intelligent Lighting Backed with Advanced Controls, Analytics, and Reporting


Customer: Gelson’s
Location: Santa Fe Springs, CA
Application: Food/Consumer Packaged Goods
Environment: Ambient Warehouse & Refrigeration
Facility Size: 214,849 ft2 (19,960 m2)
Partners: Anacapa Lighting Company (Garden Grove, CA), Forman and Associates (Van Nuys, CA)


  • Measure and validate energy usage in support of utility incentive program
  • Maximize energy savings beyond simple LED offerings
  • Title 24-compliance
  • Maintain productivity with no disruptions to day-to-day operations



  • Validation
  • LightRules energy use and cost savings reports helped qualify Gelson’s for a utility incentive from Southern California’s Advanced Lighting and Control Systems Program.



LightRules provided detailed operational insight, highlighting occupancy trends that a 154-camera system could not capture.

The Intelligent Lighting System with LightRules offered control and dynamic response that reduced Gelson’s lighting-related energy use by 82%.

The new system is compliant with Title 24, the standard for building energy efficiency as mandated by California’s Energy Commission.

Gelson’s moved to a new facility with more than twice the square footage. Centralized and advanced controls allow for zero disruptions to daily operations during installation and maintenance.

Quality, efficiency, and employee welfare are top priorities for Gelson’s, one of the premier supermarket chains in the United States. With those objectives in mind, the Intelligent Lighting System from Digital Lumens was the clear choice when considering solutions for their 214,849 ft2 distribution center in Santa Fe Springs (CA), and one that would also allow them to meet sustainability initiatives and comply with California’s Building Energy code (Title 24).