Coordinated Control with SiteWorx Tune


What is Coordinated Control?

Coordinated Control is a lighting control strategy that allows a user to select multiple light fixtures to operate together in unison, based on a single fixture detecting occupancy. This allows for more flexibility in lighting behavior and ensures that safety is not compromised, all while using intelligent controls to maximize energy savings in surrounding areas.

Coordinated Control supports the newest additions to the Digital Lumens lighting portfolio – the LX series. The LX series of luminaires feature a value-optimized chassis design and provide unparalleled performance and reliability across a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. Instead of an integrated occupancy sensor, the LX series is equipped with an integrated wireless control module, that paired with an external Digital Lightelligence Agent (DLA), provides through coordinated control a simple “one-to-many” control strategy for grouped luminaires and DLAs.

Where Coordinated Control Can Be Used

Coordinated control can be useful in a number of environments, where safety, security, and/or visual comfort are needed.

In warehouse applications, coordinated control turns on all lights in a racked aisle as a fork truck enters to ensure that an operator does not drive into a dark space. This also can serve as a signal to other operators when lights are on that an aisle is currently occupied, and that the area should be entered with caution.

In a work cell or in a pick module, coordinated control can tie sensors together so that if any light fixture or DLA in the area senses motion, all lights are triggered to their active state. This creates uniform lighting when working on or moving around machinery and provides visual comfort when having dark sections of a work area that could be distracting.

When used with the LX fixture series, coordinated control allows for many different control scenarios, giving greater flexibility and affordability in designing your lighting projects. By combining fixtures with embedded controls or DLAs with CLM-enabled fixtures, create a “one-to-many” control scheme that works best for your application.

How Coordinated Control Works

In the admin settings of SiteWorx Tune, with a simple drag and drop, a user can select a group of lights on a map that they would like to utilize Coordinated Control, called Coordination Nodes. The user then selects Trigger Nodes – occupancy sensing devices that will cause the group of Coordinated Nodes to move to their active level.

Users can define if any sensor can trigger Coordinated Control events, or if a certain threshold of occupancy triggers must be met in order to move Coordinated Nodes to their active state.

Digital Lumens is here to help

If you have any questions about the capabilities of SiteWorx Tune or need help with configuring Coordinated Control in your facility, please contact Digital Lumens.