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Occupancy-Based Load Control with SiteWorx Sense

Sep 18, 2020  |  Share

If you manage a manufacturing facility, warehouse, logistics center, or other industrial facilities, you know that energy efficiency is critical to maintaining a successful operation. In an effort to become more efficient, many facilities install LED lighting and intelligent lighting controls to reduce energy use and help reach sustainability goals. However, there is an opportunity for facilities to do more to further increase energy savings, equipment efficiency, and sustainability goals.

Industrial facilities have exhaust or cooling fans, air compressors, conveyors, and more which can consume substantial amounts of energy. Many of these devices end up operating 24/7, even if the area in the facility where they are located is unoccupied – and possibly many hours at a time. In the same way that lighting motion or presence sensors can minimize lighting energy use – the same sensors can now be used to control these energy-consuming devices.

Now, with Digital Lumens SiteWorx Sense Occupancy-Based Load Control the same occupancy sensing that controls lighting can now be used to open or close power relays in two simple, wireless devices from Digital Lumens.

The Digital Lumens SWN-WIO Wireless I/O smart device and the wireless SWN-CRD Smart Cord – make it extremely easy for facilities to maximize energy savings, minimize utility waste, and optimize equipment utilization.

Here are a few possibilities of Occupancy-Based Load Control:

  • Turning off people cooling fans in a work cell after the cell has been unoccupied for a period of time
  • Activating ventilation or air filtration systems when a worker enters a defined space
  • Activating or de-activating a conveyor system when workers are in or not in proximity
  • Switching off branches of compressed air distribution systems when no workers are in a defined work area
  • Activating a humidification system when an area is occupied
  • Illuminating an indicator light when a work cell or workspace is occupied to signal that it is in use

The possibilities are endless – and SiteWorx Sense makes it easy to implement, manage, increase efficiency, and save money.

Learn more about Occupancy-Based Load Control and the SiteWorx Suite of applications from Digital Lumens.