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Go Beyond Illumination — Leverage Your Existing Lighting and Gain Greater Visibility into Your Business

As a current Digital Lumens LightRules customer, you can leverage your existing lighting and control system to go well beyond illumination — to gain greater visibility into every aspect of your facility and operations.

Bring Facility Wellness to your business.

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What is Facility Wellness?

Facility Wellness means your facility operates at peak efficiency — every shift, every day. It empowers you with real-time critical data gathered from your facility so you can know more, and do more. It boosts performance, cuts costs, and keeps your facility safe and sustainable. It can stop problems before they happen. No surprises.

Our SiteWorx solution is built on infrastructure you already have

SiteWorx utilizes your facility’s lighting – so it’s low-cost, easy to expand, and requires minimal IT support. Advanced sensors placed at key junctures gather important data. SiteWorx installs quickly and easily to deliver valuable data right out of the box. It works on phone, tablet, and desktop.

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