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  • Announcement | Apr 6, 2021

    SiteWorx Tune – April 2021 Update

    Digital Lumens is announcing a new lighting control capability in SiteWorx Tune – Coordinated Control. Coordinated Control is a lighting control strategy that allows a user to select multiple luminaires to operate together in unison, based on a single luminaire detecting occupancy.   This allows for more flexibility in lighting behavior and maximizes safety and security…

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  • News Release | Jan 11, 2021

    Beyond COVID-19: Be Ready for What’s Next

    COVID-19 has and continues to create unprecedented challenges at home and at work. Keeping your critical facilities up and running and your employees safe during this pandemic — or any future challenge that comes along — requires extra vigilance and new strategies. Here’s how the Digital Lumens SiteWorx solution can help your operation thrive during…

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  • Announcement | Dec 18, 2020

    December 2020 SiteWorx Application Product Update

    Digital Lumens is announcing many new features in the SiteWorx application suite that give users more ways to meet their sustainability goals, manage facility costs, avoid equipment downtime, and ensure safe and productive working conditions for employees. The following is an overview of the new features now available in the SiteWorx application suite: SiteWorx Help…

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  • News Release | Dec 9, 2020

    How Intelligent Lighting Solutions in Buildings Can Contribute to the Fight Against the Coronavirus Pandemic

    It’s six o’clock in the morning. Another bus stops in front of the OSRAM plant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and more employees on the early shift get out. A line of workers is already forming at the entrance. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic a few months ago, they need a little longer in the…

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  • Announcement | Sep 18, 2020

    Occupancy-Based Load Control with SiteWorx Sense

    If you manage a manufacturing facility, warehouse, logistics center, or other industrial facilities, you know that energy efficiency is critical to maintaining a successful operation. In an effort to become more efficient, many facilities install LED lighting and intelligent lighting controls to reduce energy use and help reach sustainability goals. However, there is an opportunity…

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  • News Release | Aug 20, 2020

    OSRAM Improves Key Facilities with Digital Lumens Technology

    SiteWorx Area Provides a Clear Vision of Occupancy and Activity in Industrial and Commercial Facilities — Keeping Operations Efficient and Employees Safe Munich, Germany. August 20, 2020 – OSRAM, a global leader in advanced lighting technology, announced today that it is enhancing key industrial and commercial facilities in Germany, Bulgaria, and the United States with…

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