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Lightelligence Port

The Digital Lumens Lightelligence Port paired with the advanced Lightelligence Sensing and Communications Module brings wireless sensing and coordinated control capabilities to any Lightelligence Ready luminaire.

The Lightelligence Port provides a simple and easy upgrade path with its future-proof design. As new sensing and communication technologies are released, you can easily take advantage while you keep your intelligent LED luminaires in place.

The Lightelligence Port is designed to be integrated within intelligent luminaires, next to intelligent luminaires, or independently in a ceiling-mounted junction box.

The Lightelligence Sensing and Communications Module provides multiple sensing capabilities such as PIR occupancy and daylight sensors, integrated Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) communications to Digital Lumens Smart Devices. It communicates to the SiteWorx Facility Insights platform via an IEEE 802.15.4 compatible 2.4 GHz band wireless connection.

You are guaranteed openness, connectivity, scalability, and upgradability with Lightelligence, the Digital Lumens core technology platform.

Features and Benefits:

  • Upgradable Lightelligence Port Modules are designed for future-proof operation.
  • Provides simple installation in standard j-boxes and ceiling tiles.
  • Lightelligence Sensing and Communications Module is wireless and easily connects to the SiteWorx Facility Insights application suite and SiteWorx Smart Devices.
  • Built on Lightelligence®, the Digital Lumens core platform technology that ensures openness, connectivity, and scalability.
  • UL, CE, FCC compliance for global usage.



LGT-SKT Lightelligence Port Specification Sheet



LGT-SKT Lightelligence Port Installation Instructions


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