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Micro Digital Lightelligence Agent Sensor

The Digital Lumens Digital Lightelligence Agents (DLAs) are adaptive lighting controls that make luminaires, from a range of manufacturers, intelligent.

The DLA-M-E brings wireless sensing and control, and compatibility with the SiteWorx suite of applications, to third-party luminaires via an unobtrusive and easily mounted form factor.



  • Brings the power of Lightelligence to third-party luminaires using smart DALI control
  • Continuous dimming (on supported drivers) and utility-grade power metering
  • Simple, enhanced DALI wiring that doesn't require a separate power supply (on supported drivers)
  • Enhanced micro-lens allows for mounting up to 20 feet above finished floor
  • Small, unobtrusive form factor and simple mounting methods make the DLA-M-E perfect for commercial environments
  • Incorporates Lightelligence®, the Digital Lumens core technology that ensures openness, connectivity, scalability, and security


DLA-M-E Sensor Specification Sheet



DLA-M-E Sensor Installation Instructions


Lighting Controls