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Smart Luminaire Adapter

Designed to make a single legacy luminaire from numerous manufacturers, compatible with Digital Lightelligence Agents (DLAs) and SiteWorx Core Nodes (SCNs).

The DLA-FA brings traditional 0-10V dimmable fixtures into the modern world, delivering continuous dimming (on supported drivers) and utility-grade power metering when coupled with any DALI-enabled DLA or SCN.



  • Allows DALI-enabled DLAs and SCNs to interface with a 0-10V luminaire
  • Utility-grade integrated power metering for circuits up to 2.5 Amps when coupled with a DALI-enabled DLA or SCN
  • Smooth, continuous dimming (on supported drivers) of a wide range of 0-10V LED luminaires when coupled with a DALI-enabled DLA or SCN
  • Narrow IP40-rated PC/ABS enclosure for mounting into a range of third-party luminaires
  • Suitable for use in a variety of commercial and industrial environments
  • Incorporates Lightelligence®, the Digital Lumens core technology that ensures openness, connectivity, scalability, and security


DLA-FA Luminaire Adapter Specification Sheet



DLA-CA and DLA-FA Adapters Installation Instructions


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